There are several types of charcoal for grilling. Which ones are best? Should you choose natural charcoal, pressed charcoal, or charcoal briquette? All three types have their pros and cons.

Natural Charcoal For BBQ

Many believe that natural charcoal briquets are best for barbeque. It burns cleaner, holds up longer, and is healthier than other types of charcoal briquette. Unfortunately, not all natural charcoal briquets are equal. Some are loaded with toxins that could ruin your health if ingested.

The best charcoal for grilling is made with good quality stainless steel. These kinds burn longer than other brands of briquettes and are healthier. Some manufacturers add stabilizers to reduce the risk of lighter fluid leaking out from the liters. Kingsford Lighters make some of the best stainless steel briquette starters on the market.

Pressed Charcoal For BBQ

Most people think that charcoal briquets burn clean, and produce consistent heat over a long time. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you use a lighter that has a consistent heat, and you add wood chips to the lighter fluid, you’ll get an inconsistent heat. This will damage your BBQ quickly. Avoid using pre-lit briquets with wood chips.

Lump Charcoal For BBQ

If you’re looking for a great alternative to natural briquettes, try a proprietary blend of Kingsford charcoal and premium heavy grade stainless steel pellets. These pellets burn cleaner and produce exceptional Smoky Wood-Fired Flavor over a long time. Unlike most other moist rubs or brush-on additives, the consistent heat from premium pellets allows them to give you a consistently flavorful result every time. And, because these are all natural, there’s no need to worry about off flavors. Kingsford Charcoal for BBQ makes smoked flavor in just minutes.

Binchotan Charcoal For Staring

Binchotan is a unique form of charcoal. It is lighter than most traditional charcoal, yet as rich in flavor as hardwood smoke. This is one of the best kinds of charcoal for roasting. Binchotan produces a pinkish-brown smoke with very little smoke. You’ll love this light charcoal that is so versatile.

Hormann’s Original Heat

There’s nothing more distinctive than a quality Hormann’s Original Heat. The distinct yellow-orange color of Hormann’s Original Heat ensures it will be a favorite of chefs. After it is seasoned, Hormann’s takes on a deep, smoky brown color that imparts a rich, nutty, or toast flavor to the food. One pound of Hormann’s Original Heat for up to two pounds of dry charcoal briquettes produces an extremely light but hearty chimney piece that can be used for tenderloins, chicken, prime rib, steak, turkey, fish, stews, and vegetables. Plus, after it is seasoned, Hormann’s retains its heat for up to 15 minutes, a feature that distinguishes it from other Charcoal briquette char logs.

The Charcoal Grill Blender

Nothing adds flavor to food quicker than slow cooking. You can make meals taste their absolute best when you use a charcoal grill blender. By combining the right charcoal briquette, power of slow cooking, and a high quality blender, you can create mouthwatering meals in half the time. Plus, Charcoal Grill Blenders offer consistent heat so you get the best taste from your charcoal and lighter fluid.

Charcoal For Better Softwood Smelling Food

Charcoal blends with oxygen in the air to produce more soot which, in turn, gives off a pleasant aroma. However, Charcoal briquettes and wood chunks sometimes leave a sooty residue behind after they are seasoned and cooked. To combat this, many chefs rely on different types of wood chips and burn them together with the soot in an open fire or a charcoal grill.

This technique produces a uniform, soft, and odorless result that maintains the same quality and flavor of the original charcoal briquettes. The Charcoal For Better Softwood Smelling Food technique produces a consistent quality of taste that has delighted customers for years.

The Charcoal Grill is the Best Way to Grill

Charcoal, as we all know, is a natural fire alternative. It burns cleaner than other charcoal alternatives, and releases smoke less effectively. When you grill with charcoal, you have the ability to convert your natural fire into a clean source of energy, heat and a source of ash that maintains the flavor of the original piece of wood. When you decide to invest in a good grill for your home, take time to select the right one for your type of cuisine. If you like barbecuing, smoking, and barbecue then you should get a Charcoal Grill.

It’s Easy to Use and Keep Clean

Charcoal grills are easy to use. You simply light it up, place the meat or charcoal and then wait for it to catch even heat and begin smoking or baking your food. It’s a great way to cook large pieces of beef or even roast potatoes or tomatoes over the course of the day. There are even electric grills that come with rotisserie attachment so that you can roast a roast pig, chicken or turkey over the course of the day without worrying about it getting a burn.