There are many people who want to look into getting a charcoal and gas grill instead of just getting a grill that cooks only with gas or only with charcoal. That is because they know that they will not get the same charcoal grill taste when they are cooking with a steel gas grill. Some try to use a gas grill smoker, but it does not always achieve the same charcoal grill taste. Fortunately, there are some solutions to this problem.

First off you have to realize that most normal gas grill burners have enough space to allow for charcoal. You won’t need regular charcoal, however. That is because normal charcoal would burn too quickly with a gas grill burner. You are going to need something a little stronger to withstand the heat from the gas grill burner. You can buy some Lava Rocks that can be used for this purpose. These Lava Rocks are will do a much better job as slow cooking the food.

The hard thing about finding a charcoal and gas grill is that the new grills that are being made usually have some handicap that makes it next to impossible to fit Lava Rocks into your grill. They usually have grates that can also cause a mess. If you are searching for a charcoal and gas grill then it is probably best to get one from eBay. You can also find a charcoal and gas grill by looking for an older model of a gas grill burner.

Many people complain about the new gas grill burner because it has a difficult time slow cooking. The flame from the gas generates too much heat compared to the heat generated from the charcoal grill. This is why the older model gas grill burner was so in demand. You could use Lava Rocks and a gas grill burner on a very low setting. That meant that you have great tasting food and you save on the amount of gas that you use when you were cooking. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to compute to the people who are manufacturing the new gas grill burners. The new gas grill burners can be a letdown sometimes because it takes some of the fun and the taste out of grilling. That means you have to find a good charcoal and gas grill to use if you want to have that great tasting grilled food.